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This Bliss is an online wedding magazine about social media tools and online resources for planners and brides as they prepare for their big day. Ashley, Julie and I created This Bliss Magazine for our final project in Social Media and Public Relations using We’re really excited to share it with everyone and hope you enjoy!
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Study Hacks

Update: Download the Self-Control App here.

Have you ever been writing a paper, or doing homework, or anything else you’re supposed to be doing, and felt the sudden, uncontrollable, magnetic urge to open up your facebook …just for a second, then ended up on there for hours procrastinating whatever else you had intended to do with that allotted time?
I have. Too often. And not just facebook, either. In between Twitter, LinkedIn, my email, and the countless number of blogs I follow, absorbing all the internet content and responding to social media is a full-time job, a non-paying job.
So, if you’re like me, you need a little help with willpower, especially during exam time.

Introducing Self-Control. No, I’m not being a smart-alic. It’s an app you download to your computer and does the hard work for you. Simply add websites to your blacklist (sites you don’t want to be able to visit) or whitelist (which says don’t let me visit any sites except for these)

Set the amount of time you want to get stuff done. Press Start and go!

It doesn’t matter if you shut down, restart, take the battery out of your computer, or even try and delete the app. For the amount of time you set, you can’t access the websites you’ve blacklisted. So, I suggest not wasting your efforts trying to fight it, and simply getting your work done.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go set me an hour free of all computer distractions, and get something done. Now if only there were an app that made me unable to play with my cat… then I would be an A+ student.

Au Revoir!

Part 2: 10 Ways to Use Flickr to Promote Your Business (or even yourself!)

Here’s Part 2 to yesterday’s post 10 Ways to Use Flickr to Promote Your Business (or yourself!)

6. DO: Use the statistics.

If you choose to purchase Flickr Pro, you will be given access to statistics on your pictures. Showing a graph of views on your photos over time, what photos were viewed on a specific date, and the source of how the photo was found. This helps you assess when you’re doing something right or wrong and enables you to do more “right.”

Stats Graph on Flickr

See what images are viewed and what sites they're referred from

Break down of photos and videos

7. DOlink to your Flickr account from your web site.
I find Flickr is a simple, easy way to organize and share photos with other social networking sites. Simply post the link to your website, Facebook, or Twitter after an event instead of uploading the same picture to 1 million different locations.

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Part 1: 10 Ways to Use Flickr to Promote Your Business (or even yourself!)

On my bookmark toolbar, even before Facebook and Twitter, is Flickr. Maybe it’s personal preference, my line of work, or specific interests, but I love looking at pretty things. It’s my go to site for ideas and inspiration for not just artistic ventures, but essays, entrepreneurial ideas, and project concepts. Like many, I’m a visual learner & thinker, and I think pictures often can say a lot more a lot faster and have the capability to be more engaging for your audience.
So, naturally Flickr is a tool that can be used for marketing either yourself or your small business, if done correctly!

The Flickr community, filled with creative and artistic people, are very sensitive to users who abuse community guidelines and while they might not tattle-tell on you to flickr moderators, they certainly won’t take nicely to your postings or be inspired to comment or look at your website if they feel you aren’t sincere in your posts.

Here is a practical list of DOs and DON’Ts to best utilize Flickr:

1. DO: Use your website URL as your Flickr screen name/handle.
People who find your photos and enjoy what your posting will appreciate this when it they want to see what else you’re doing and find further inspiration or communicate on similar interests. Also, since each photo will be shown with the screen name in the corner, Flickr members will be more likely to visit a site when they’ve seen the URL repeatedly.

2. DO: Make your profile information about your business. Include your full name, a brief description about your business, your website’s URL, and other contact info (just don’t over do it.) Also, your “buddy icon” should be either a professional picture of yourself or your company logo.

3. DON’TSpam.
If there’s one way to turn off the Flickr community, this is it. One of the benefits of Flickr is that it provides an excellent opportunity for people to see the personality of a business and the people behind it. Don’t abuse it by over-doing your advertising. Being genuine is the best way to gain credibility on Flickr. Subtlety is key when using Flickr to market yourself.

An Extreme Example of Spam

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Every find something on the web and wish you could share it with everyone you know or flag it to show everyone knows it’s not just an average website, that you endorse it?
Or how about a way of sorting through sites relevant to what you’re looking for with a little more legitimacy than whatever google brings up first in the search results?  is your answer!

Founded  by Joshua Schachter in 2003, is a social bookmarking tool that allows its users to favorite sites, tag them with appropriate searchable terms, and create bundles to help organize all their best internet finds.

Just go to to access this resourceful social media tool.

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Since I was a little girl, I’ve kept sketchbooks of dreamt up party plans — some real, most imaginary. These sketch books consisted of cutouts from Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine, color schemes created with colored pencils, timelines of events, food to be served, the guests that would eat the food, etc. 

Today, with age and experience under my belt, I hope to bring to this blog the same inspirational findings as that of my grade school sketchbooks with what I hope to be a greater degree of sophistication in addition to being useful to those of you like me looking for new event planning ideas, or (also like me) just love a good party. 

Growing up in the hospitality industry, some excellent resources are at my disposal to help you plan your next event.

Also, I believe inspiration can be found any and everywhere. With that in mind, this blog will also host some material from different artistic genres which I hope will get your creative juices flowing!

It is my desire that with the mixture of all these elements, this blog will become an eclectic archive for you to return to when in need of a great idea or creative inspiration.

Hope you enjoy!