Eargasm: Beyoncé’s Sex is on Fire Cover at Glastonbury

My longest and closest friends can attest to my long-withstanding appreciation for and commitment to Beyonce. She makes an appearance in every playlist I make & reminds me there are good things in this world. Which is why, during exam week, she is my stress reliever. While this isn’t that new (June 2011) My beloved 8tracks.com introduced me to her rendition of Kings of Leon’s “Sex is on Fire.” No no, Beyonce. You’re on fire. (Excuse the cheesy transition.)


Study Hacks

Update: Download the Self-Control App here.

Have you ever been writing a paper, or doing homework, or anything else you’re supposed to be doing, and felt the sudden, uncontrollable, magnetic urge to open up your facebook …just for a second, then ended up on there for hours procrastinating whatever else you had intended to do with that allotted time?
I have. Too often. And not just facebook, either. In between Twitter, LinkedIn, my email, and the countless number of blogs I follow, absorbing all the internet content and responding to social media is a full-time job, a non-paying job.
So, if you’re like me, you need a little help with willpower, especially during exam time.

Introducing Self-Control. No, I’m not being a smart-alic. It’s an app you download to your computer and does the hard work for you. Simply add websites to your blacklist (sites you don’t want to be able to visit) or whitelist (which says don’t let me visit any sites except for these)

Set the amount of time you want to get stuff done. Press Start and go!

It doesn’t matter if you shut down, restart, take the battery out of your computer, or even try and delete the app. For the amount of time you set, you can’t access the websites you’ve blacklisted. So, I suggest not wasting your efforts trying to fight it, and simply getting your work done.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go set me an hour free of all computer distractions, and get something done. Now if only there were an app that made me unable to play with my cat… then I would be an A+ student.

Au Revoir!