20 thoughts on “Tutorial: Transferring Google Drive Ownership to Account Outside of Domain

  1. After Step 7, don’t you have two copies of the moved files, one owned by the original owner and the other owned by you?

    Don’t you need another Step, removing the files owned by the original owner?

  2. Hi there! Thanks so much for this tutorial, it was the most clear one out there for people like me whose administrator doesn’t allow Google Takeaway to download/upload files. I followed your instructions and they worked!…. Downside is that it took me about 8 hours to fully transfer everything over, oh my goodness. But, it worked. Thank you!

  3. YOU JUST SAVED MY LIFE!!!! Finally a way to move docs from domain to domain and keep Gdoc format. Seriously you are brilliant. I have been looking for a solution for months. It is also quite insane that this isn’t supported by Google. Thanks again and again!

  4. In my experience going from a personal to a Google Apps for Business GDrive, this method does NOT transfer the Google Doc files. Only third-party files like Word, Excel, etc.

  5. Thanks!
    Although this post is from two years ago, I had the same problem and it works! it was very useful for me.
    I read a lot of forums with complicated methods but what you do is quite simple and even obvious.
    Well done

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