January at Chef’s: Bridal Tasting Extravaganza!

Last month at Chef’s Market, we had a bridal tasting for any and all brides wanting to learn more about how we do things here at Chef’s, giving them the opportunity to bring their mothers, fiances, and friends to sample some of what we can do for their wedding and get ideas for how they want their reception to be.

So, for one night, we transformed the front dining room at the restaurant into a swanky reception area.

We had so much fun watching all the happy couples get excited talking about their big day with our catering personnel and it was especially great to see some old family friends planning for their wedding and getting to hear all kinds of sweet engagement stories.

If only work could be a party every day!




Sliced Salmon Filet served with cous cous and toasted rye



Strawberries & Cream (a Chef's signature) & Mississippi Mud Mini Cupcakes. The perfect bite-size treat


Mini "BLTs" with bacon, avacado and tomato caviar in a edible cup.



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