NYFW Fall 2012: Black & Blue

Black and Blue…no, I’m not tasteless enough to be alluding to recent uproar over Chris Brown & Rhianna. I am, however, lame enough to be posting on trends seen at NYFW like everyone else out there on the blogosphere (note: I’m also lame enough to use “blogosphere”).
Not wanting to waste endless hours screen shopping (a term I’m coining for virtual window shopping) without pretending like I’m doing something productive, I’ve got a little series for you all of the best of NYFW, big trends, and how to wear them now, all on a sensible budget.

So, here’s my first installment…
No doubt, black and blue have been done before, but for some reason this season’s execution doesn’t feel quite as mod-squad or poorly integrated as it has in the past.

ImagePreen, NYFW Fall 2012: Photo via Style Bistro
I’m really loving the minimalism and structure. Also, that mustard collar…
ohhh, yeah.

Proenza Schouler, NYFW Fall 2012: Photo via Style Bistro; A little bit less wearable, but I'm really digging the metallic blue with the black accents and little bit of Asian inspiration.

So, how do I wear this now without looking like a fool, you may ask…
(Just kidding, you would never look like a fool.)

ASOS Sweater $71.62; American Apparel Sleeveless Button-Up $42; Bloomingdale’s Pants $88; UO Timex 50’s watch $110;  UO Suede Pump SALE $39; Anthro Pony Hair Loafers $98

I’m thinking pair the button-up underneath the sweater, but whatever floats your boat.
[SIDE NOTE: I don’t know why it never occurred to me before to wear a sleeveless button-up underneath a sweater instead of a long-sleeve, which would’ve saved me a lot of overheated days in a sweater and oxford.]

Now, I’ll admit that while these items are cheaper than what’s on the runway, they’re not necessarily CHEAP. But, I’m sure as you all can figure out, Black and Blue is super easy to do. If you don’t really want to invest in a pair of blue pants, Candie’s for Kohls has these skinny jeans on sale for $23 AND ASOS has these Cotton Twill Skinny Trousers for only $36.

Enjoy, tell me what you think, and come back tomorrow for more runway to street NYFW style!


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