Study Hacks: The Soundtrack to my Studies.

Welp, i was going to post this to Facebook and Twitter, but seeing as I have blocked those websites for the next 30 min. with Self-Control (see previous post), I thought I would let you all know what I’m listening to during exam study time (BECAUSE IT’S WORKING. I’m actually getting stuff done!). is a site where people can post playlists they make for you to listen to & you can find one for pretty much any situation you need, and the music is pretty much always top-notch (as long as you sort by popular/hot and/or check out the tags of the playlist) and includes lots of stuff I’ve never heard before, so it’s a great way to find new music.

Anyway, more specifically, I am listening to this little gem of a playlist. It’s titled “Final Week Focus” and provides 3 hrs. of non-distracting, but not too boring music to keep your brain working away while you study.

Try it out! (Or just search for “finals,” “exams,” “study,” etc. for other great playlists to listen to this week as you get ready for exams!

Happy studies!


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