Part 2: 10 Ways to Use Flickr to Promote Your Business (or even yourself!)

Here’s Part 2 to yesterday’s post 10 Ways to Use Flickr to Promote Your Business (or yourself!)

6. DO: Use the statistics.

If you choose to purchase Flickr Pro, you will be given access to statistics on your pictures. Showing a graph of views on your photos over time, what photos were viewed on a specific date, and the source of how the photo was found. This helps you assess when you’re doing something right or wrong and enables you to do more “right.”

Stats Graph on Flickr

See what images are viewed and what sites they're referred from

Break down of photos and videos

7. DOlink to your Flickr account from your web site.
I find Flickr is a simple, easy way to organize and share photos with other social networking sites. Simply post the link to your website, Facebook, or Twitter after an event instead of uploading the same picture to 1 million different locations.

8. DO: Be Prompt.
 Upload images soon after they’re taken. People search for photos of current events, seasons, and holidays. They like to be the first to share info and photos with friends on other social networking sites like Facebook & Twitter, and if they know you’re a reliable source for frequent and prompt updates, they’ll like come back again and again.

9. DO: Tag Photos Properly. 
While it may be a tedious job, it’s also one of the most effective ways to bring in viewers. Check out tags frequently searched here for ideas of tags to use. Other places to find key terms people are likely searching are here or here. Just simply look at the tags listed on the right-hand side of the page after you click on the photo. 

10. DO: Add Links to Descriptions
Posting relevant links to your blog in the description of the photo is an excellent way to reach a broader audience. For example, say you post a photo of a recent event your business held, write a little blurb about it on your blog and like the specific post to the description. (Also, post your Flickr photo to your blog post.)


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