Every find something on the web and wish you could share it with everyone you know or flag it to show everyone knows it’s not just an average website, that you endorse it?
Or how about a way of sorting through sites relevant to what you’re looking for with a little more legitimacy than whatever google brings up first in the search results?  is your answer!

Founded  by Joshua Schachter in 2003, is a social bookmarking tool that allows its users to favorite sites, tag them with appropriate searchable terms, and create bundles to help organize all their best internet finds.

Just go to to access this resourceful social media tool.

For those of you who don’t know about social bookmarking, it is a tool that allows people to save their favorite links and network with other people who either like your link or save similar links. You can see how many times your bundle or website has been favorited by other users, you can favorite other bundles and users, and you can follow other users who consistently favorite things you find interesting to see what they have recently found.

While you can’t link it directly to your facebook or twitter account, you can search for other users with their actual name or user handle.

In addition, it’s a fairly easy tool to use. You can even install a plugin for most internet browsers which allows you to simply press a button on your toolbar to favorite the website.

While Delicious might seem like a waning competitor to pinterest, I believe they each have their own use and place in your social media toolbox. Pinterest is definitely fun for visually stimulating material and fun, girly themes, but lacks a widespread use of finding intellectually stimulating articles or gender neutral/masculine material, a criteria which Delicious fills.

Personally and in terms of usefulness for PR, I think it’s a great place to get ideas and inspiration for what readers find interesting when writing your own blog posts, as well seeing what another audience is reading.

And that is Delicious in a nutshell!


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