Since I was a little girl, I’ve kept sketchbooks of dreamt up party plans — some real, most imaginary. These sketch books consisted of cutouts from Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine, color schemes created with colored pencils, timelines of events, food to be served, the guests that would eat the food, etc. 

Today, with age and experience under my belt, I hope to bring to this blog the same inspirational findings as that of my grade school sketchbooks with what I hope to be a greater degree of sophistication in addition to being useful to those of you like me looking for new event planning ideas, or (also like me) just love a good party. 

Growing up in the hospitality industry, some excellent resources are at my disposal to help you plan your next event.

Also, I believe inspiration can be found any and everywhere. With that in mind, this blog will also host some material from different artistic genres which I hope will get your creative juices flowing!

It is my desire that with the mixture of all these elements, this blog will become an eclectic archive for you to return to when in need of a great idea or creative inspiration.

Hope you enjoy!



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