Pinnacle Wedding, 6 August 2011 (Part 2)

Yesterday, I shared some of the photos of the catering from the wedding at the Pinnacle last month. Today, I’m happy to show you some of the decor, dining room, and bride and groom’s cake. Loved, loved, loved this wedding. Such a different atmosphere from most receptions, elegant and glamorous yet comfortable and laid back. For a link to yesterday’s post click here.

A beautiful, simple yet elegant wedding cake. I always love fondant flowers. They're just so pretty and tiny! A true art form.

The Groom's Cake.

The above groom’s cake is not quite appetizing, but definitely creative. Both the bride and groom are doctors so it’s definitely appropriate, and not as morbid as it might be out of context. Everyone had a good time with it. It’s always nice to see a couple that incorporates their sense of humor in their reception.

Clean, comfortable couches in the main dining area. They hung all the lamps and brought in all the couches that day. The cargo elevator got its fair share of use, let me tell you!

The beautiful sunset from inside of the Pinnacle building

The dining area


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